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2023 Architecture Trends In newly develop luxury Villas

The world is changing at an extraordinary rate, owing to technological advances and shifting views. With mutations in time, architects witnessed a shift in home design goals. Such as the need for roomy, functional living spaces that cater to long-term living. For ongoing trends, you can view the newly developed luxury Apartments Costa Del Sol by Great Marbella Estates. Marbella, a centre of luxury living and cultural variety, is no exception, with architects and designers adopting a new style. Architecture that prioritises simplicity and harmony with the surrounding terrain. In this article, we’ll look at the current architectural trends in Marbella and how they represent the changing demands and tastes of today’s homeowners.


Characteristics of changes in architectural changes

Here we are going to discuss the major aspect of property architecture that affects its appearance and making:  


  • Adding the naturistic hue

Marbella takes pride in its ability to create a harmonious interaction between architecture and the environment. The newly developed luxury villas are getting made with modern approaches in mind. To guarantee that the dwellings integrate smoothly into the terrain, the architects, designers, and builders prioritise the use of locally produced materials. The geometric designs of modern structures interact directly with nature, with transitions from interior to outdoor areas planned to occur without interruption. Floor-to-ceiling windows, transparent barriers, and panoramic glass doors allow inhabitants to enter a verdant sanctuary from their bed or living area.


  • Rich choices of colour combinations

Using white to maximise natural light and create a trendy and cosy ambience has been a key trend in recent years. Among the newly developed luxury Apartments in Costa Del Sol, you can see the variations in colour selections. This style emphasises contemporary, natural design elements that merge well with the surroundings. White remains a major colour in buildings in Marbella, although with a growing emphasis on using natural elements like stone and wood. This tendency has resulted in a more subtle use of colours, such as brown and grey, as well as the installation of tiled areas on exterior walls for visual variation.


  • Construction materials 

Concrete, wood, iron, aluminium, and glass will be prominent building materials in 2022 and 2023. The lack of extraneous features is noticeable, with only selected and effective embellishments being used. For the making of newly developed luxury villas, luxurious materials are no longer preferred by architects. Instead, they use reclaimed marble, wood, and ceramics wholly natural materials in their designs. Patterned wallpaper is used on feature walls, and off-white finishes are popular with natural materials.


What is the current architecture approach in the market? 

Talking of the Marbella and Costa Del So regions, the Nordic and Scandinavian styles have grown in popularity. Mainly in the architectural and interior design sector. You can look out of the ordinary in the newly developed luxury villas in Marbella


The rise is a result of an increase in visitors from Central and Northern Europe and a growing population of Scandinavian inhabitants on the Costa del Sol. While both styles have a modern appeal, the Scandinavian design emphasises minimalism and utility by using neutral or monochromatic colours. In contrast, the Scandinavian design embraces a more domestic atmosphere and emphasises quality and craftsmanship. 


Ready to define properties with the latest trends!

The characteristics of white “fincas” and “Casas” have been abandoned. Local architects are increasingly incorporating contemporary elements such as floor-to-ceiling windows, sliding glass doors, and sleek anthracite-toned roof tiles into new and restored residences. With Great Marbella Estates, you can get a hand on the newly developed luxury villas in Marbella. These properties are lavish with boosted amenities.