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Why Do You Need the Best Estate Agents In Marbella To Sell Your Property?

When owning a luxury property in a lavish location it becomes essential to get the best prices while selling. On the other hand, selling a property is a complicated process that may throw up difficulties. If you own the best properties in Marbella and are looking for the best assistance to sell them, Great Marbella Estates can bring you great help. 


While the thought of saving money by doing it yourself may look appealing. But the fact is that doing it yourself comes with a cost – in terms of time, health, and even money. That is why it is critical to delegate authority to specialists. You shouldn’t try to navigate the real estate market without the help of an agent. Dealing with a professional real estate agent or licensed estate agent may provide you with confidence and peace of mind during the purchasing or selling process. With their help, you’ll be able to reach a bigger network of possible buyers or properties like luxury apartments Marbella for sale.


What are the major reasons for getting help from an agent? 

Here are the top 5 reasons you need to know, ‘why you need a real estate agent to sell your property in the region of Marbella’: 


  • Great handling of negotiations

Being experts in the same field for years it gets into practice to deal with negotiations that come up throughout the selling process. Though it can be difficult, qualified real estate brokers are trained to handle them effectively. They work relentlessly to get the greatest potential sale price for your home while preserving the best properties in Marbella.


The superfluity of documentation is something you can expect during the selling process. Customers may rest certain that all legally binding agreements will be reviewed and handled by their real estate specialists. This relieves customers of the additional burden of paying a real estate lawyer to evaluate and explain complicated legal documents. When selling a house without the assistance of an agent.


  1. Exact property pricing

Appropriate pricing is essential when it comes to selling your house fast and at the correct price. Yet, establishing the proper price may be difficult for many homeowners. Especially when they require additional assistance from the best estate agents in Marbella. Sellers may pick a price that is too high or too cheap for the present market without a competent real estate assessment. That results in a prolonged selling process or missed possibilities. 


  1. Excellent client connections

Real estate brokers have access to crucial business and local relationships. Because of these ties, they may supply you with vital information and link you with specialists. Who can help you with things such as house repairs and legal counsel? They may also share your house listing with trustworthy real estate agents who may have interested clients. 


  1. Professional marketing tactics

With the assistance of the best estate agents in Marbella, you can experience executives working. Real estate specialists employ comparative market analysis to establish the correct cost for your house, generate high-quality marketing materials such as spectacular images and videos, and improve exposure through various advertising channels such as social media, websites, and other platforms.


  1. A comprehensive support

A competent real estate agent may give an objective viewpoint on the sales process, which can aid in the management of emotions and stress levels. They can help you select a reasonable price, prepare the house for sale, and negotiate with possible purchasers. They can also help you with handling emotions and sentimental attachment. 


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Great Marbella Estates welcomes you to let us serve you, we bring forward the services for the best estate agents in Marbella.

What’s inside the 999.000 EUR Detached Villa in New Golden Mile?

The most sophisticated luxury concept of today finds a home on The New Golden Mile. Avant-Garde architecture transforms fine-living enthusiasts into 13 distinctive houses. Perfect natural components mix in a picturesque setting for Costa Del Sol Ground Floor Apartment for sale. Drenched in Mediterranean light, and graced with the most stunning sunsets to create dream villas that achieve perfection. On the Costa del Sol, these villas represent a level of luxury never previously seen.


A gorgeous property that allows the magnificent Mediterranean breeze to reach every area of the house and bring its owner happiness. These villas were designed with the idea of sharing special moments while maintaining the highest level of seclusion and comfort. With a crystal wrap design for maximum light, it reflects freedom and breathes life into these Villas’ stunning interiors.


The striking features of the Detached Villa in New Golden Mile

The design of Beachfront luxury villas for sale in Costa Del Sol has been done with the utmost care. To create an amazing piece of art that will appeal to people with discriminating tastes, just as if it were this new development. Living in one of these villas is a celebration of style, a tribute to luxury, and pure enjoyment. 


  • The Cityscape

The southern-facing home, which is perched on a high area, has an amazing vantage point from which to enjoy unmatched panoramic views of the lush golf courses, tranquil lakes, rolling valleys, sparkling oceans, and majestic mountains. These breathtaking views, which are located in a well-established neighbourhood of Los Flamingos, will last for many years.


  • Entering the doorway

On the entrance of Frontline Golf Luxury Villa Marbella for sale. A wonderful water feature graces the front garden of the house, and the main entry is a large black oak door. The home has been meticulously cared for and is displayed in immaculate shape, ready for the new owners to move in and enjoy everything that it has to offer. Although ideal for immediate habitation, the discerning owners may eventually customise the house to their unique likes and needs.


  • First Stage of the property

A comfortable TV room and a useful office space are both included in the open-plan living area. On the main floor of the Costa Del Sol Beachfront luxury penthouse for sale on the right. A big formal living room with a double-height ceiling, abundant natural light, and a feeling of space is located to the left. The house is expertly stitched together with strong geometric shapes, clean lines, and a gorgeous colour scheme. Strategically positioned patios and quiet nooks are spread around the property, adding to its aesthetic appeal. Ample glass walls let in even lighter while providing breathtaking views of the surroundings, particularly the beautiful morning sun. An elegant dining room with a temperature-controlled wine cellar sits next to the living area. 


  • The Locality 

Costa Del Sol Beachfront luxury penthouse for sale is primely located in the developed surroundings. There are no more building plots available in the neighbourhood because it is already fully developed. With the exception of one that is somewhat lower than this particular property and won’t obstruct the breathtaking panoramic vistas. In general, the neighbourhood has experienced enormous popularity, leading to sales that have broken records in recent years. Given the first-rate amenities offered, such as the golf courses, 5-star hotel, spa, restaurants and security. 



Great Marbella Estates offers a quality of living to clients having ambitions to invest in the Beachfront luxury villas for sale in Costa Del Sol. If you are looking for luxurious properties in the region of Marbella then we are your first choice.  


Explore Inside The 1.038.520 EUR Detached Villa In La Duquesa

The goal of this project was to create the most opulent collection of villas with the greatest sea views on the Costa del Sol. The newly developed luxury Apartments in Costa Del Sol are one of the most amazing assets curated for investment enthusiasts. These homes, which are located in a privileged and distinctive area, provide a never-before-seen balcony over the Mediterranean Sea. The ideal concoction of light, water, and opulent architecture. OCEANIC makes it possible to live in a beautiful environment, where you can experience the beauty of the dawn and the charm of the southern sunset every day. For lovers of nature, an unforgettable experience. The surrounding landscape melds with a magnificent home design of the greatest calibre. Where no detail will be overlooked to create the ideal ambience. 1240 – 1891 m2 constructed space; 259 – 293 m2 site; prices starting at €1.038.520.

What are the specifications of the Costa Del Sol Ground Floor Apartment for sale?

The beautiful villa will make your living more happening and plush as it has extremely astounding features in it. Here are the major specifications of the Detached villa available in La Duquesa. 

  • Entering the villa 

A unique plaster was used on the facade of this house to provide movement to the colour tones. Since painting is not necessary, it won’t need to be redone after a while. Portuguese hand-cut tiles were used to construct the driveway, which connects to the carport and, later, the garage. Artificial grass is minimal maintenance and enables time and money savings in everyday housekeeping. In the top-floor apartment for sale Costa Del So the main door is built of natural oak. It also has access control panels from Thermax at the entry. On the left side of the entrance is a wonderful water feature. There is a normal lock as well, just in case you want it, even though no keys are required.

  • On the ground level 

The house has a lovely welcoming space with a one-of-a-kind picture on the wall. The ceiling, walls, and floor are all finished in the same colour grade using comparable materials. Three bedrooms are accessible from the hall directly to the pool and garden area, and each has an en-suite bathroom. As the bedrooms are on this level and the main living area is above, the layout of this home is not very typical. The nicest views may be had from the living space, where we spend the majority of our time.

  • Outdoors of House

Once outside, we have a private garden with olive trees and lovely flora all over the property’s perimeter. The fence is made of hand-cut and-painted chestnut wood. Micro cement is also used for the pool’s outside flooring. Frontline Golf Luxury Villa Marbella for sale

Are created with keeping the idea of comfort in mind. A sizable deck contains many sun loungers and a saltwater recycling and filtering infinity edge pool right in front. It is heated and has a solar-cell-powered automated cover that catches the sun.

  • Upstairs case the villa

We discovered a formal living space above. The open design and unique elements of this property set it apart from others. It is exquisitely set with high-end furniture items, such as the indoor lounge and relaxation seats and this special designer fireplace with wood logs in the centre. A large composite island sits in the centre of a modern, fully equipped kitchen. You will love the Beachfront luxury villas for sale in Costa Del Sol. As all of the woodwork is smoothly integrated into the wall, nothing is apparent. All cupboards and equipment, except for the microwave and wine refrigerator, are securely hidden. Behind the door is also a guest bathroom. All of the appliances are Miele, the refrigerators are Liebherr, and the Quooker tap has an instant water boiling system. 

Read A Compact Information To Sell Your Property In Marbella

Selling a pre-owned property in the region of Marbella might be a concern for various investors residing in Spain. Some would have found the process difficult, but it is easy to sell the property to potential buyers. The procedure is similar to buying. The only change is the phrase ‘Buy’ to ‘Sell’. 

This blog post delivers easy information for people looking for a guide for selling their luxury property in the region of Marbella. Great Marbella Estates always wants investors to have clarity in their thoughts while buying or selling a property in Marbella and Costa Del Sol. Here you will come across a step-by-step guide and other requisite pointer information about the property selling process. 

  • Reserve the property

In the initial stage, the buyer and firm draft documents to seal the agreement. As a vendor, it is responsible for showing that the buyer has shown interest in buying the property. This is where the procedure of property selling takes place. Once the documents are sealed, the seller party cannot show the property to any other prospective buyer. Or the property gets stuck off from the market. 

  • Process of searching

Every buyer wants some guarantee along with the property, including that property should be free. Debts, liens, charges and encumbrances; to make sure, it is important to conduct obligatory searches. Also, to complete the sale process before the notary, it is essential to make sure that the search work goes smoothly. You can start searching soon for a reputed selling procedure for various reasons. 

  • Creation of a Private Contract 

With consideration of positive due diligence by the searches conducted by the buyer, it gets confirmed that the property is set to sell. The next step is to draft a Private Contract and sign it on behalf of both parties, in special cases where the stage of satisfactory conclusion of due diligence is scheduled during the completion stage. There is no need to sign the Private Contract. 

  • The process of completion

Before completion, getting the mortgage cancellation done is very important. This will include clearing the outstanding amounts of the mortgage and paying the cancellation fees too. This process usually takes place during the complete procedure of the sale. 

What certificates will you require in the selling process? 

To determine the fiscal status, it is necessary to obtain the fiscal certificate. Along with that buyer wants to look for a confirmation from the seller’s end that shows the financial status as a community member. 

What are debts related to property? 

Payables such as water, electricity bills, IBI tax, Basura tax and property owners association will. All the documents should be updated to the date of signing the completion papers. 

What are necessary calculations?

Until you are a property owner, the seller should calculate the dates of bills and tax payments. The balance amount will be considered in consideration of the final amount received. 

  • Utility Contracts and Standing Orders

The IBI/Basura registrations will be immediately cancelled once the purchasers have finished their inscriptions. We suggest you check your accounts to ensure no additional sums have been charged by direct debit. Alternatively, you can stop your direct debits with the bank immediately after the transaction.

What are the taxation procedures? 

Being a non-resident in Spain, you will have to pay taxes in two different stages. To get the taxes refunded, you need to be updated with the payment of non-resident tax once a year. 


This blog post was about the ‘Selling a luxury property in Marbella, Costa Del Sol’. For more information on the selling procedure, you can contact our Great Marbella Estates team. 

What Our Clients are Saying


Colleen and Ian

"We are so happy we have found you, we were impressed with the level of your commitment with our search. With some many properties available for sale, you helped us to define what was the best for us. We will definitely recommend you to our friends and family."

Karl and Susanne M.

"Coming from Germany, we did not know what to expect when contacting a real estate agency in Spain. Our experience with you could not have been better. You helped us and guided us to make our dream contemporary villa come true, supporting us in every step of the buying process to make it more smooth. We are truly grateful and thank you again.."

Paul E.

"I was transferred to Marbella and had so many things to arrange. Marc, Jeanneth and Sebastian helped me to put everything together and made my life easier. I am living in my new home now and I absolutely suggest everyone to leave the home search in their hands."

Richard & family

"The Great Marbella Estates team got us a beautiful off market villa for me and my family that otherwise I would have never found. Thank you guys for the hard work and help us go through the challenges"

Carlo and Inma B.

"We contacted Great Marbella estates, for the acquisition of a home in Marbella, from the first moment we were in contact with them, our experience has been very good, the dedication of their realtors has been exceptional, they have understood our needs, translating them into true purchase options. Highlight that they have accompanied us from the beginning to the end of the purchase, including an after-sales service that is appreciated. And I have to highlight the exquisite attention of the realtor Jeanneth Prado, who was in charge of our purchase, and that her work was impeccable. I recommend them without any doubt."

Gerhard and Karin H.

"It’s all about you!“ They clearly walk the talk. From the very first contact and still now post acquisition, Jeanneth and Marc are listening carefully and offer best advice. Within a very short time frame, they presented to us a property according to our wishes, budget and availability, which we purchased and we are still happy about it. Working with them is highly recommended!"

David, Alison and Christine

"Marc and Jeanneth of Great Marbella Estates thank you. We explained what we were looking for and you listened. It’s clear you have a wealth of knowledge and experience that helped us find a wonderful property. Your patience and commitment will be forever grateful."

Mrs. Saddi

"Great Marbella Estate is AMAZING. There are good real estate agents, there are bad real estate agents…. and there are Jeanneth & Marc who are clearly a cut above them all. Jeanneth and Marc went above and beyond and are committed to their work. Their approach is open, honest, and caring. Marc was with us every step of the way and made sure all the fine details on paperwork, inspection and handover are correctly done, he has always answered every call or email no matter what time of day or night it was. We now consider Jeanneth and Marc as friends and would highly recommend Great Marbella Estate to anyone who is searching for a new dream home."

Mrs. Holstein

"Sehr professionelle Beratung. Wir wurden ( u werden noch) persönlich durchgängig top betreut. Das Sales Team findet sehr kreative u individuelle Lösungen u ist gut am Markt vernetzt. Hier ist man keine Nummer in einer Kundendatei sondern hat seinen eigenen Ansprechpartner u wird sehr gut durch den gesamten Verkaufsprozess begleitet. Unserer Meinung nach die beste real estate Agentur der Costa del Sol."

C. & W.

"With the help of Jaenneth and Marc we finally found our dream penthouse. They are very professional and dedicated to find the right property for their clients. They were listening carefully to what our wishes were and showed us the right projects. They also advised us in many ways which helped us to have a smooth purchase of a beautiful penthouse. Also the after-sales service could not be better. Whenever we have questions about anything they always respond immediately and are here to help. "It's all about you" is really the right slogan for them. We are really grateful to have found you and I can only recommend you to everybody who wants to purchase or sell a property. Many thanks to you both for the excellent service."

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