Grounds that proclaim Mijas a ‘Marvellous Locality’

A beautiful location, ‘Mijas’, snuggles in the heart of the Costa Del Sol region. We can say that the whole of Spain is astounding and offers impeccable living facilities. But Mijas is one of the favourite locations opted for by business professionals and expats. Due to the excessive amenities offered, the place has now become a leisure destination. Are you searching for Mijas costa golf apartments for sale? If you nod yes, then Great Marbella Estates is the place you were looking for. We are the expert real estate agents in Marbella, Costa Del Sol and Mijas region.


Also, if you are looking forward to residing in Mijas, you should know Why Mijas is counted as one of the finest choices? Here are some proficient reasons mentioned that demonstrate the significance of living in Mijas: 


  • The spreading real estate market

Whether native or residing abroad, the location of Mijas is quite popular. The reason is the new property developments in Mijas, which account for around a 13% hike increase in the market of real estate. Continuing with the Andalusian Coast, the property has grown significantly in these years. It is the perfect time to invest when you have decided to relocate to Costa Del Sol or Mijas. 


  • History enriched region

With an abundance of historic locations to explore, the area of Mijas has much to know. During the rule of the Roman Empire, the place was well-versed and known for its trading business. Later Mijas suffered and retaliated against the pirate attacks for many years. Apart from new developments in Mijas, you can facilitate your knowledge with the alembicated past of Mijas. 


  • Mind ravishing culture

Mijas enjoys a very decent reputation due to being less populated. This equally treats the region to enjoy a beautiful and promising culture. Mijas has wonderful delicacies supported by the Spanish Culture that is loved by everyone living there. The families and friends get together and take advantage of wholesome food and relaxation. Another amazing fact is that no one is bound to experience the culture. The communities are free to do whatever they like doing. Amidst Mijas’ new property developments and growth in recent years, you can still see the sense of community and culture there. 


  • Spectacular Topography  

Thinking of a traditional Spanish town or city? The surroundings and unique environment of Mijas can halt your thinking. The location holds distinctive spots where you can conveniently locate your perfect spot. The locality has beautiful places such as Mijas Village and Mijas Pueblo. 


When was Mijas Pueblo built? 

Also known as the village church was built between the 16th and 17th centuries. The old Moorish castle was diminished, and the Church Bell Towers were also used. You can find Mijas costa golf apartments for sale in the Mijas Pueblo region. 


What is the difference between Mijas and Mijas Pueblo?

On average, the Mijas municipal district comprises three regions; Mijas Pueblo, the village region. Mijas costa, and the coastal tour. Las Lagunas is a residential and commercial zone. When differentiating between the two, you can see that Mijas is a place full of advanced leisures, whereas Mijas Pueblo is a village locality. 


Is La Cala De Mijas a nice place to reside in? 

The answer to this is yes. The location of La Cala De Mijas is a very friendly and welcoming place for natives as well as tourists. To invest in new property developments in Mijas, you must consult the Great Marbella Estates. We offer the best deals that fit your budget in the perfect ways.