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Great Marbella Estates team’s mission is to guide and help our clients to have a great experience while selling their property in the Costa del Sol, taking the painful steps out of our customer´s shoulders and using and providing an ample range of marketing strategies to get the best offer in front of our customer´s door. To Sell a property in the Costa del Sol requires a big marketing effort and a proper team to help you going through the property selling process. The Costa del Sol buyers are mostly abroad and we need to get your property in front of them. We invest thousands of euros a month to expose our client´s properties to every possible customer and we negotiate the best conditions for you.

It is also important to manage the viewings while selling your property, to filter the contacts to get the most qualifies leads for you. Many owners prefer to sell their property on their own, this could end up on burning their property on the market.

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The Property Condition

Sometimes we forget that a house for sale is like any other commodity. The best location is, the more beautiful, the most competitive price and the proper marketing, the easier it will be sold .
Among the 4 factors that end up selling a house, the only one that can influence the owner is the condition of the property and its flawless state, every time that a potential buyer visit . Even more so, when you know that it takes many customers to visit the property before they decide to buy it.
New developments, when they begin to sell homes, usually install a show apartment, which is a perfectly fitted type of promoting a property.
Note that normally people do not have the capacity to imagine or  vision an unfurnished place with un-proper home staging, the spaciousness of the rooms, the potential of a terrace, etc.
Well, your house is exactly the same. Note that a house in perfect condition always will be sold with better price than one that is not.
For this reason we will give you some practical recommendations that will help you prepare your home for sale and explain in great detail how to prepare your home to sell in the shortest time possible. 

Do not miss out to download the property selling process report as a starting point.

The Price

Paradoxically , in these times of strong global economic ups and downs, the price of a home is put by the market. Neither the owner nor the agent may influence the price that a potential buyer is willing to pay .
The potential buyer has access to lots of information very easily through all internet sources, focusing quickly on the ones with best price.

The best advice we can give is that there will be not better moment to sell your property than now that the market is riching records on property prices and low inventory.  

If you intend to sell, apart from preparing your home for sale, you have to know what is the approximate price that a buyer is willing to pay for your home.

We can help you with a research in your area and find all similar properties than yours that are available for sal. This is the price at which buyers are willing to pay. Sometimes it is quite difficult to find this information.

In addition, we will deliver Comparative Market Analysis ( CMA), in which you get an approximate value that can help you make the right decision.

The decision to put the selling price of your home is always yours , but keep in mind that the decision of the purchase price comes always from the buyer.

We will explain in more detail how supply and demand in our real estate market in the Costa del Sol works, as well as any questions you may have so we can help you sell your home at the highest price possible in the shortest time possible.

Do not miss out to download the property selling process report as a starting point.

The Location

The property location many times can be the deal breaker in the property selling process, it is as important as the property condition and price. If your property is in a desirable location, you are closer to sell your property in great terms for you. There are many variables to take in account though, like your competition in the same complex, area or for type of property. We will guide you to maximize the probabilty of selling your property faster with the best price possible. Contact us now for all concerns and questions you may have, we will be back to you shortly.  In the mean time, have a look at the selling process report bellow.

Do not miss out to download the property selling process report as a starting point.

The Marketing

We have already explained that only you are who can prepare your home and its condition depends on you, it is the buyer who decides what price that is willing to pay, but finally the marketing depends directly on your Real Estate Agent.

The role of a good listing agent is crucial by all means, to expose your property to potencial buyers in the shortest time possible.

How can you get the widest exposure of your house?

The first thing to do is to get you have an effective strategy at national and international levels, from a for sale sign, exposure in the agents MLS with is the platform where most owners list their properties.

Your listing agent should provide the widest possible exposure of your home, with high quality photographs and video and most importantly, they must keep you informed of each of the marketing activities being undertaken to sell your home and the results you are getting. All this information will help you make intelligent decisions.

Do not miss out to download the property selling process report as a starting point.

Property Selling Process

The property selling process can be challenging for some owners due to the complexity that each operation can bring to the table and the lack of time to make the needed viewings properly. To get vendor and buyer to the same common ground is a task that we suggest you to leave it to a proffessional realtor. It is important for you to count on with a team of real estate and law firm that work on getting the best deal for you without missing any important detail that can end up on paying more taxes or expenses.

Download the Property Selling Process Report for free and let us know your questions and concerns on your property purchase journey.

Comparative Market Analysis

The Comparative Market Analysis will put you in control of your property over the competition. Take advantage of this tool that we put to the tip of your fingers for free.

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