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Spanish Golden Visa Guide

    Spanish Golden Visa

    How does the Spanish Golden Visa work?

    The Spanish Golden Visa allows non-European citizens to obtain a permit allowing family residency. This visa can be renewed every 2 years, and after 5 years the opportunity to gain permanent residency in Spain arises. Once you have achieved 10 years of residency, you no longer need to stay in the country to retain and renew the Spanish Golden Visa, as you can apply for full-time citizenship.

    The original visa remains valid for 1 year and can be extended and renewed for Spanish residency every 2 years. The same conditions apply for renewal as when the individual first obtained the Spanish Golden Visa. They must also travel to Spain at least once during their first year of residency.

    Applicants must be able to meet all other requirements to become a Spanish resident, such as holding public or private health insurance, having appropriate resources for themselves and their family, and being able to prove a clean criminal record. You’ll also have to pay the application fees for relevant documents for you and your family.

    Only certain types of investment qualify in these circumstances. Though property is a popular choice, there are several possible investment paths to obtain a Golden Visa and Spanish residency. In all cases, you must be able to meet the minimum investment thresholds using your own money. These are the investment options available:

    • ⦿ Purchasing at least 500,000 € of Spanish real estate (can be a singular property or multiple smaller properties with an overall worth of 500,000 €)
    • ⦿ Buying shares in a Spanish company or investment funds worth at least 1,000,000 € or depositing this amount in a Spanish bank
    • ⦿ Acquiring Spanish Treasury Bonds of at least 2,000,000 € (investing in Spanish public debt)
    • ⦿ Investing in a major new business project in Spain that will provably create jobs, have a positive social and economic impact, or contribute to scientific innovation

    In principle, the minimum real estate investment is €500,000 per person for a residence permit. However, in the case of a family, further investigation should be conducted to show that the head of the family is able to support their dependants (spouse and children under the age of 18) through a Sponsorship letter.

    Solve Your Doubts

    Frequently Asked Questions

    If you’re wondering what makes the Golden Visa so special compared to other Spanish residency permits, it’s that it rolls the rights of several different visa types into one convenient package. Just by meeting the minimum requirements, you could access all of these benefits:

    ⦿ Ability to live, work, and study in Spain

    Not only does this visa allow you to legally move to Spain if you wish, but it also allows you to work within the country or remain in Spain as a student in higher education. If you, the primary investor and applicant, need to stay in another country, your immediate family can still access these rights.

    ⦿ Family residency with no further investment required

    One of the biggest draws of the Spanish Golden Visa’s fast-track residency is the ability for the investor’s spouse/civil partner and financial dependents to legally immigrate to Spain. This means children can benefit from a good education and elderly parents can benefit from quality healthcare.

    ⦿ Visa-free travel in Europe

    If you and your family love to travel, then freedom of movement between the 26 countries in the Schengen Area as a Golden Visa holder is a big attraction. You can spend 90 days out of every 6 months exploring any of the member countries without having to apply for new visas every time.

    ⦿ Easy to renew without having to live in Spain

    The Spanish Golden Visa offers a kind of preferential treatment for foreign investors, as applications can be processed quickly and you only have to visit Spain once a year to renew if you don’t intend to move there full-time. You can retain any tax residence you own outside of Spain during this time.

    Spain’s Golden Visa can benefit anyone from outside the EU who wants to gain European residency. It’s an incredibly popular option all around the world to obtain Spanish residency through investing.

    • It’s less of a question of why you should invest in Spain, and more of a question of why shouldn’t you? On the surface, Spain is renowned for its laidback Mediterranean lifestyle and climate, with world-famous beaches and cuisine. Alongside having excellent schools and healthcare, promising a high standard of life, Spain also has a strong economy.

      Spain is a relatively safe and stable place to invest compared to other parts of Europe, but it’s also well-located for further foreign investments. Beyond the booming tourism industry in Spain, it’s a great base to work from when investing in other global business markets, from the EU to North Africa, or from Latin America to the Middle East.

      This also means that should you ever tire of picturesque Spain, there are plenty of other countries for you to explore practically on your doorstep. Whether you want to set up a business in Spain or start a new life there with your family, the Spanish Golden Visa makes it easy to gain residency through investment. There are lots of ways to invest, and access to even more government incentives throughout Spain and the EU.

    The Spanish Golden Visa allows you to obtain a Spanish residency if you invest at least 500,000€ in your property. This is a secure method of keeping your residency for the long term. If you keep in line with the regulations of the Visa and maintain your property investment for the duration of this time, you will be entitled to residency in Spain for as long as you require.

    Please note that you can still apply for a Golden Visa through property even if the purchase is not yet finalised – you can submit other documents, such as the preliminary contract and a letter from a Spanish bank, confirming that you have the necessary funds to complete the investment. If you’d like to find out more about this way of becoming a Spanish resident, contact our team of experts at Manzanares Lawyers, who will gladly give advice on obtaining a Spanish Golden Visa.

    From 1st January 2021, the United Kingdom is no longer a part of the European Union. This means that UK nationals are treated as non-EU citizens. As a result, it is much tougher for citizens from many countries to emigrate to an EU-based country than it was previously. However, with the Spanish Golden Visa, you are still able to obtain a residence permit by investing in Spain.

    As long as you hold your investment, you are entitled to both live and work in Spain during this time. These benefits also apply to your spouse and any children under 18 years old. The long process of Brexit has been a complicated time for everyone directly affected, so if you feel like you need more advice on how you can start a new life in Spain, please contact our expert lawyers today and we will happily give you the information you require.

    The Spanish Golden Visa is applicable for anyone who is a non-EU, non-EEA, or non-Swiss citizen that is looking to live or work in Spain through investing, as well as their dependant family. Nationals from former Spanish colonies may be able to fast-track their Spanish citizenship with this Visa. There are some requirements that you have to meet in order to obtain this Visa, so the Spanish government can be assured that you and your family are a fit and proper addition for their country.

    Firstly, you must be over the age of 18 to apply, without a criminal record. You also must hold valid medical insurance and have evidence of enough funds to support yourself and any family living in the country. If you are not sure whether you qualify for a Spanish Golden Visa, our professional team will be able to give you the information you need to make a clearer judgement. Just give us a call, email us, or fill out our online form for a quick response.

    You can apply on behalf of your dependant family members at the same time as submitting your Golden Visa application as the primary investor. This requires providing evidentiary documentation of the family relation, such as a marriage certificate for a spouse or birth certificates for children under 18. Dependants can also include children over 18 or elderly parents, if you can prove that they are unable to provide for themselves (perhaps due to a health condition).

    When you are granted a Golden Visa from the Spanish embassy in your country, you have 1 year to travel to Spain and register for a residency permit from the local authority in your area of investment. This permit will be valid for 2 years, then you must renew it every 2 years. If you live continuously in Spain for 6 months a year, for 5 consecutive years, you’ll be eligible to apply for permanent residency.

    There are no stay requirements for the Golden Visa, so you do not need to live in Spain, but you do need to travel to the country when your permit renewal is due. If you want to become a permanent resident after 5 years or apply for Spanish citizenship after 10 years, you’ll need to live in the country for at least half the time.

    It goes without saying that for the duration of your residence permits and renewals, you must maintain your Golden Visa investment. If you sell or liquidate your investments, you will no longer meet the eligibility requirements, and will therefore lose your Spanish residency. Once you achieve permanent residency or citizenship in Spain, you are free to disband your investments, as you will no longer need to renew your Golden Visa permits.

    Unfortunately, you cannot apply for a Golden Visa if the initial investment is not made with your own money. In the case of real estate investment, though the property must be worth at least 500,000€, you must also be able to pay the additional taxes and legal fees that come with property purchases in Spain (totalling around 13% of the property value). However, if you’re purchasing a property worth more than 500,000€ then you can get a loan to finance expenses above this.

    If you’re thinking of making a joint investment to get a Golden Visa, all individuals must still meet the minimum investment amount. For example, if you and a friend, family member, or business partner decide to joint-invest in Spanish property, you would still have to put in at least 500,000€ each in order for both parties to meet the Spanish Golden Visa requirements.

    It’s possible to make the investment through a company if you have a controlling stake with majority voting rights, but the company must not be based in a tax haven. You must be able to demonstrate your direct control of the company to invest this way. However you choose to make the initial investment, you must maintain it to keep the Golden Visa. This means that if you sell the property you invested in when applying, you will have to re-invest in another 500,000€ of Spanish real estate.

    Many people believe that they have to apply for a Golden Visa as soon as possible after meeting the investment requirements, as if the eligibility of their purchase has a time limit. However, the current laws don’t set a deadline on how soon you must submit the application after making an investment.


    This means that you can use a Spanish real estate purchase or other qualifying investment dating back as far as 2014. The Spanish Golden Visa laws only came into force at the end of 2013, so any investments that may have otherwise qualified won’t be eligible if they happened earlier than this.


    Though there are no time limits between investing in Spain and submitting your application, you’ll still have to meet all the other minimum requirements and provide proof of the investment. Since the law allows you to split the 500,000€ property investment across multiple properties, here is an example: you could have bought a Spanish house in 2021 for 300,000€, then waited a year and bought a Spanish apartment for €200,000 – then you’ll be ready to complete your visa application.

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